Are The Red Sox The Best Team Ever?

The Red Sox are the champions of the MLB, but during this season, they got more than just being crowned as the number 1 baseball, they also became one of the best teams in history.

The Red Sox are considered the perfect team or what could be the closest thing to perfection. They gave a chair of what it is to play this sport from start to finish, a spectacular season that ended in the best way, with the World Series title.

There are many more reasons why you can consider the Red Sox of 2018 as the best team in history, factors that go beyond the players, and that have been built for years.

In the last 14 years, there is no team more winning than Boston in the four major leagues in the United States. In the MLB, they were tied with the San Francisco Giants with three titles since 2004, but with this title, they are already the most winning team of the decade. In the NFL, the Patriots have five rings but only 3 of them since the 2014 season.

The NBA is approaching a bit since Golden State, the Spurs, and Miami have had three rings for 14 years, but the Red Sox already surpass them with the 2018 World Series title. The NHL is the same, the Penguins and Blackhawks count with three titles, one less than Boston, so the Red Sox are the most winning team in the four leagues in recent years.

Boston had a unique season that became the third most winning of all time, with Sunday’s victory they achieved 119 games won, only behind the 1998 Yankees with 125 and the 2001 Mariners with 120.

In the season, only two more teams managed to win 100 games, Yankees and Astros, whom the Red Sox eliminated in the playoffs. With 108 wins, this team became the first with the most games won in MLB that ended up being a champion; in addition, they spent 141 days of 186 in the first place of their division.

The players are fundamental, but the excellent work of the owners who formed this Boston team cannot be left out. Henry and Tom Werner started the creation of a winning team since 2001 when they bought the Red Sox, and since then, no other team has won the World Series more times in the last 15 seasons.

The acquisition of Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Andrew Benintendi and Bradley is when this championship began to take shape, in addition to spending on fundamental free agents such as JD Martínez and Price, which supposedly could not win in October, but left 1.98 effective in Three presentations during the 2018 World Series.

That dream lineup is due to one of the most important Red Sox hires three years ago, executive Dave Dombrowski, who signed as president of the baseball operations department. Thanks to him, Alex Cora came to lead the team, who managed to become the fifth rookie manager to win the World Series.

The Red Sox 2018 is the best team of all time, and that is due to a joint work that has been built in recent years, from the board of directors to the players, and that effort could not culminate in a better way than as champions of the 2018 World Series. Can you continue with this great legacy?

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